Motordisc is an R&D&I project of electric hybridization

of vehicles with traditional explosion engine based on “flat” type electric motors placed on the brake calipers that allows (i) the electric traction of the vehicle and (ii) the use of braking for the generation of electricity (due to the utilization of inverter type electric motors).

Motordisc is compatible with current electricity generation systems such as plug-in charge, alternator charging system and new technologies such as interchangeable batteries (due to its smaller size) or induction charging.

Electric Transmission

This system, together with the current charging technologies, will allow traditional internal combustion vehicles to circulate in large cities.

Electric Mode

In electric mode, at a maximum speed of 50 km/hour with a reasonable autonomy.


Clearly innovative component

The electric traction/regenerative braking system provides a clearly innovative component that consists of placing said electric motors in the brake calipers of each wheel.

The system is called Motordisc Electric Transmission and has been granted the Spanish patent ES2597203 and is in the final phase of approval of the patent for Europe, United States and China (international patent reference WO 2017/009512 A1).


The main strategy is based on the development of a kit with the following components:

Standard measurements and anchors, and with a toothed perimeter.

Integrated in the brake calipers, which act directly on the disc or on an intermediate gear, coexisting with the hydraulic braking system.

Integrated in the brake calipers, which transmit the movement of the electric motors to the disc if required.

Supplies the necessary energy to the electric motors, and also accumulates the generated electricity.

Acts on acceleration and deceleration.


Víctor Estepa

Victor works in the company FAC Seguridad and is currently one of the members of the Board of said company. FAC Seguridad is the leader in Spain in the production of locks and safes. Víctor started his career at FAC Seguridad in 1993 and since then, he has been performing different functions in several departments, especially in the R & D department.

Justo de Rufino

Justo is Founding Partner at ALTTARO (a Spanish regulated financial advisory firm) from December 2013. Previously, he worked at BBVA for 14 years, holding different responsibility positions within the Corporate & Investment Banking area. He was Global Head of Corporate Lending, Global Head of Loan Syndicate & Sales and Head of Credit Markets within the Global Markets division .

Roberto Solozabal

Roberto Solozábal grew up as a football player at Atlético de Madrid and climbed to the first team of the Atletico club in 1989. There, he played 8 seasons winning a Spanish League and 3 King’s Cup football competitions, being the captain of the team when Atletico de Madrid won both competitions in a year. He was also Captain of the Spanish Football team that won the Olympic gold medal in Barcelona 92.


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